Cross Vegas: not my day

by LisaJ on September 12, 2014

It’s hard to come halfway around the world for a race that doesn’t go well. It’s part of racing, and it’s what makes the good times even better, but it still sucks. I got sick straight after China and have been struggling to get better. No big deal, just a head cold, but in a [...]


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Cross Vegas cometh

11 September 2014

Well we’ve ridden the course, Paul has dialled my bike and all that’s left to be done is to get our rad on for Cross Vegas! I haven’t quite kicked the lurgy that I picked up just before the Sacramento race but I’m feeling better than I was then so that’s a good sign. For [...]


Cold beer and file treads

8 September 2014

We’re on the road again, this time driving from Sacramento to Las Vegas for Cross Vegas. Yesterday was the inaugural West Sacramento CX Grand Prix, and all three of us had a roll. Pete opened his international racing account in style, Paul put some guys into the tape, and I tried not to eat grass. [...]


Enter the Dragon: A mostly true account of China CX

Thumbnail image for Enter the Dragon: A mostly true account of China CX 4 September 2014

Best auspicious greetings honoured reader! This post be welcoming in heart and hope for longtime forgiveness of not earlier posting. Be that I have faced many adventures and much happiness in past week; no facebook make hard work of updating you my beloved reader. But fear not the iron instagram curtain, for today I write [...]

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