A long time between drinks

Thumbnail image for A long time between drinks 15 April 2013

I know it’s been ages, and I know you’ve probably stopped visiting, but I’m back. And so is SKINSUIT SUNDAY! Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been a bit distracted… there is just so much good stuff going on it’s hard to keep up. I bought a couch around 6 weeks ago and I got [...]

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The Good Karma Haircut

Thumbnail image for The Good Karma Haircut 13 January 2013

On Thursday I got a haircut. My hairdresser is a Japanese gentleman in Ivanhoe named Hiro, who apart from being a great hairdresser is a life drawer, photographer, and gentle lover of life. He reminds me of a small boat, gently rocking in the ocean, buoyed by nature and happy to go wherever the winds [...]


New Year’s Eve Tips For The Romantic Peddler

Thumbnail image for New Year’s Eve Tips For The Romantic Peddler 29 December 2012

[There's not much connection between the cover pic and this week's post, but who doesn't like a good Skinsuit Sunday shot??] Ride Happy has over the years proffered advice on a number of topics, from Jersey selection for the recreational cyclist to whether to disown your son over poor bike taste and how to handle [...]


Goldfields, Cyclocross and all the stem you can chew

Thumbnail image for Goldfields, Cyclocross and all the stem you can chew 21 October 2012

As of 3:42pm today, I am officially in the off-season. In the spirit of Jans Ullrich, the off-season will involve: Pinot Discotheque A fairly relaxed attitude to skin folds At least one affair with a model It’s been a long season. The last month has involved the final cycle-cross national round, an MTB stage race [...]


Tour de Timor 2012: Peace begins with me

Thumbnail image for Tour de Timor 2012: Peace begins with me 18 September 2012

I have just returned from East Timor, where I spent a memorable week suffering racing the Tour de Timor, one of the world’s toughest MTB stage races. I am in equal parts (1) exhausted and (2) worried about this mysterious new rash that has just taken over my neck. This is not good news. As the experts say, don’t come [...]


Another reason to race CX

Thumbnail image for Another reason to race CX 1 August 2012

One of the things I love about riding is the people you meet along the way. I’m sure you are the same. Cycling (and sport in general) has a great bonding quality that brings together people from all walks of life to share in something they love. Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting Iain [...]


CX, lugs and rock n roll

Thumbnail image for CX, lugs and rock n roll 16 July 2012

[Photo Brian Mangano brianmangano.com] I must admit I have been a late convert to the world of cyclo-cross. I saw pictures of the Dirty Deeds CX series last year in Victoria and thought it was cool, but couldn’t make any of the races. I’ve always enjoyed seeing photos from Euro CX races (cowbells, beers and frites… [...]


Lisa’s Mum goes to the Canbrrrrrra Tour

Thumbnail image for Lisa’s Mum goes to the Canbrrrrrra Tour 9 July 2012

[Image (c) Mark Gunter Photography] Last weekend Lisa’s Mum visited Canberra for the Canberra Women’s Tour, the latest NRS tour in the ladies’ calendar. Actually, she meant to go to Floriade but got the dates wrong. Mum does like a good chrysanthemum. Nevertheless, the racing provided a welcome distraction from the disappointment of missing Canberra’s [...]


Chanelling the van der Ploegs

Thumbnail image for Chanelling the van der Ploegs 1 July 2012

Ever since I started riding I’ve been trying to work out how I can go faster. Can I train harder? Eat better? Change equipment? Sleep more? About a year ago I worked out that I was looking at the problem the wrong way. To say that riding fast is the key to cycling is like [...]


North West Tour – on the road again

22 June 2012

I’m on the way to stage 3 of the North West Tour- so please excuse the short post as it’s from the back of a van. I’m here at the tour as a team of 1, as the rest of the VIS crew couldn’t make it and wanted to remind me how much I’d miss [...]

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