How to watch CX world champs

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For those playing along at home, here’s a great article by on how you can follow world champs live. If you have other methods which work well in Australia feel free to add it to the comments below. The race is at 3pm Hoogerheide time on Saturday, which is 1am Sunday in Melbourne. Thanks […]


Fan mail

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One thing that cross races seem to have in spades is crazy fans. Mel and I have had our fair share of interest from friendly locals wanting fan cards and photos. Some of the locals we’ve met have been lovely – sending pictures of the races and coming and chatting to us when we’re freezing […]


The road to CX worlds

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Cyclocross worlds are 3 days away and I still can’t really believe I’m here. It’s all seemed just a crazy plan for so long now that I almost managed to convince myself that it was. But here we are. After I won nationals, I remember someone asked me whether I’d consider going to world champs […]


Cyclocross World Championships: the rise of the Babushka

Thumbnail image for Cyclocross World Championships: the rise of the Babushka 29 January 2014

A long overdue post. We have been in Bergen op Zoom, NED, for around a week now. So far we have clocked up: 24hrs of plane travel (and 60kg of bike luggage) 2 Belgian CX races (and 1 win!) 1 case of food poisoning 1 jar Speculoos around a million loads of washing some new friends […]


2013 Australian CX championships

Thumbnail image for 2013 Australian CX championships 18 August 2013

Phew! Sorry it’s taken me so long to write this up. If it weren’t for the horrendous conditions today at Falls Creek you’d have been waiting another week to read this. So hurray for global warming (anyone? Anyone??). Last week was the 2013 Australian CX championships. You can read more about them here, here and […]


Selection Criteria for Commuter Olympics: Official Announcement

Thumbnail image for Selection Criteria for Commuter Olympics: Official Announcement 21 April 2013

PRESS RELEASE City cyclists today have been buoyed by the news that Cycling Australia has released its official selection criteria for the 2014 Commuter Olympics. The Cyclone Hubbards, as the team will be known, will comprise 14 of the nation’s top commuter cyclists. Hubbard High Performance Manager Harry Halfwheel has high hopes for the contingent: […]


A long time between drinks

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I know it’s been ages, and I know you’ve probably stopped visiting, but I’m back. And so is SKINSUIT SUNDAY! Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been a bit distracted… there is just so much good stuff going on it’s hard to keep up. I bought a couch around 6 weeks ago and I got […]

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The Good Karma Haircut

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On Thursday I got a haircut. My hairdresser is a Japanese gentleman in Ivanhoe named Hiro, who apart from being a great hairdresser is a life drawer, photographer, and gentle lover of life. He reminds me of a small boat, gently rocking in the ocean, buoyed by nature and happy to go wherever the winds […]


New Year’s Eve Tips For The Romantic Peddler

Thumbnail image for New Year’s Eve Tips For The Romantic Peddler 29 December 2012

[There’s not much connection between the cover pic and this week’s post, but who doesn’t like a good Skinsuit Sunday shot??] Ride Happy has over the years proffered advice on a number of topics, from Jersey selection for the recreational cyclist to whether to disown your son over poor bike taste and how to handle […]


Goldfields, Cyclocross and all the stem you can chew

Thumbnail image for Goldfields, Cyclocross and all the stem you can chew 21 October 2012

As of 3:42pm today, I am officially in the off-season. In the spirit of Jans Ullrich, the off-season will involve: Pinot Discotheque A fairly relaxed attitude to skin folds At least one affair with a model It’s been a long season. The last month has involved the final cycle-cross national round, an MTB stage race […]

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