About Me

My name is Lisa Jacobs. I am a road cyclist with the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) in Australia. My coach is The Supercoach (aka Donna Rae-Szalinski).

This is my website.

I came to cycling in 2007 from duathlon and multisport (NOT TRIATHLON). I have Tammie Ebert and the National Talent ID & Development program to thank for that! In the last few years, I have benefited from assistance from the good people at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) and the VIS. These places are full of inspiring, energetic people who spend their working lives helping people like me.

My career highlight to date has been representing Australia in 2010 in a heap of races, including the women’s Giro d’Italia (where this photo was taken). I love tour racing, and in women’s racing it doesn’t get any bigger.

My career lowlights have been the huge disruptions caused by injury, particularly in 2009 and 2011. It sucks but so do taxes.

I am also a lawyer. Don’t hold it against me. After stints with law firms in the UK, Belgium and NZ, I realised that I missed dim sims too much to contemplate a career anywhere else but Australia. (International readers: if you do not know what a dim sim is YOU ARE MISSING OUT)

I came to cycling relatively late in life, and after I’d begun my career, which has shaped my experience and perception of elite sport. I was given a chance to do something completely different from the career path I had chosen, and the challenges have been unlike anything I’ve experienced in any other part of my life. Cycling is like that.

Ride Happy is dedicated to all things bikely. I try to keep it entertaining, and to keep the fun of cycling going.

One last comment: Occasionally, you will see posts written by Lisa’s Mum. This is NOT my actual Mum. Lisa’s Mum is a fictitious character that visits occasionally and drinks more Earl Grey than she should. My real mum does drink Earl Grey, but only in sensible qualities and never, never, dabbles in blogging.

Enjoy – and Ride Happy

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